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Red eyes: Annoying or serious? Ask our ophthalmologist

February 27, 2023

Bloodshot or red eyes are very common, quite annoying and sometimes serious. Our ophthalmologist at The Retina Partners has seen many patients with this common complaint, and is often asked the same questions: What’s causing this redness and how can I make it go away? Although each patient’s situation is unique, there are some answers that can be provided that can help differentiate between a temporary annoyance and a condition that requires medical attention.

First let’s talk about what causes those red or pink streaks in the white part of your eyes. The most common culprits of the itching, burning and tearing that goes with the redness are allergens from sources like pollen, dust, mold, pets, cigarette smoke, perfumes or chlorine from your swimming pool. 

Some remedies you can try at home include over-the-counter eye drops, artificial tears or decongestants to purge the eyes of the irritants. Cool compresses applied several times a day can help. Clean or use a dehumidifier to rid your home of mold. Wash your hands regularly and especially before touching your eyes. Consider seeing an allergist and avoid situations that may be triggering your irritation such as smoke, pet dander and chlorine. 

If these remedies don’t provide results after a week, contact our ophthalmologist, especially if you are experiencing pain or tenderness around your eyes; your eyes are seeping or encrusted with mucous; you have a fever or feel sick; you’re usually sensitive to light; or your child has been exposed to pink eye (conjunctivitis). We have the training and tools to detect if a viral, bacterial or fungal infection may be present.

Our ophthalmologist at The Retina Partners specializes in eye and vision care, with many more years of training than an optometrist or optician. When it comes to diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions affecting the eye, no one is more qualified. If you have concerns about redness of the eyes or other conditions, please contact our office today!

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