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The Retina Partners | Scleral Buckle, Fundus Autofluorescence and Macular Degeneration

Thomas Hanscom, MD was trained in vitreoretinal surgery at Duke University, where he was the first fellow under vitrectomy pioneer Robert Machemer. Dr Hanscom has published breakthrough techniques for treatment of disorders such as subretinal hemorrhage, peripheral neovascularization, and central retinal artery occlusion. He has been Chief of Ophthalmology at Saint John's Hospital and West LA Veterans' Hospital. He has had many leadership roles in ophthalmology, including president of the California Association of Ophthalmology and Los Angeles Society of Ophthalmology. A member of the Retina Society, he has received the Honor Award by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and is also a recipient of the Best Doctors distinction as selected by his peers and published in Los Angeles Magazine. He is a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the UCLA/Stein Eye Institute, where he currently teaches the introductory vitreoretinal surgery course to first year Residents.

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The Retina Partners | Macular Degeneration, Pneumatic Retinopexy and Intraocular Gases and Oil

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