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The Retina Partners | Retinal Vein Occlusion, Digital Indocyanine Green Angiography and Scleral Buckle

Thomas Hanscom, MD

The Retina Partners | Scleral Buckle, Fundus Autofluorescence and Macular Degeneration

Thomas Hanscom, MD was trained in vitreoretinal surgery at Duke University, where he was the first fellow under vitrectomy pioneer Robert Machemer. Dr Hanscom has published breakthrough techniques for treatment of disorders such as subretinal hemorrhage, peripheral neovascularization, and central retinal artery occlusion. He has been Chief of Ophthalmology at Saint John's Hospital and West LA Veterans' Hospital.

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Hajir Dadgostar, MD, PhD

The Retina Partners | High-resolution Optical Coherence Tomography, Ocular Ultrasonography and Digital Fundus Photography

Hajir Dadgostar, MD, PhD earned his MD degree, as well as his PhD in Molecular Biology, through the UCLA Medical Scientist Training Program after graduating from UCLA with Summa Cum Laude honors. He received his residency training at the prestigious Stein Eye Institute and his surgical fellowship in vitreoretinal diseases at the renowned Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute.

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Amir Guerami, MD

The Retina Partners | Macular Pucker, Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCT-A) and Focal Laser

Amir Guerami, MD completed multiple internships at the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health prior to attending Georgetown University, where he graduated with honors in Biology and Psychology. He then graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine where he stayed to complete his residency in Ophthalmology and served as Chief training in vitreoretinal diseases and surgery at the prestigious University of British Columbia, which is known for its high-volume intensive surgical training.

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Christian Sanfilippo, MD

The Retina Partners | Scleral Buckle, Laser Photocoagulation of Neovascular Membrane and Central Serous Chorioretinopathy

Dr. Christian Sanfilippo, a graduate of the Stein Eye Institute at UCLA vitreoretinal surgery fellowship program, also completed his ophthalmology residency training at the Stein Eye Institute at UCLA.

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Jessica Cao, MD

Jessica Cao, MD

Jessica Cao, MD completed her vitreoretinal surgery fellowship at the highly renowned Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute, where she trained with many leaders at the forefront of cutting-edge vitreoretinal surgery techniques.

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Dr. Stavros Moysidis is no longer associated with The Retina Partners. He can be reached at (818) 578-0004.

The Retina Partners | Macular Degeneration, Pneumatic Retinopexy and Intraocular Gases and Oil

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